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Why am I now actively looking for a job?!

I am currently looking for a permanent job in Estonia. I need funding for my art projects and I would like to earn money for their implementation. I have the necessary knowledge and experience for many professions.

— Art director.
— Art director and mentor.
— Creative designer.
— Brand and logo designer.
— Designer of books and magazines, annual reports.
— Presentation designer.
— Advertising designer.
— Website designer.
— Application designer, UI & UX.
— Designer of social networks and SMM.
— Packaging and POS designer.
— Designer and developer of infographics.
— Poster designer for a music club.
— Video editing.
— Digital printer.
— Printer in an offset printing house.
— Printer in a screen printing house.
— Pre-press operator.
— Photo retoucher.
— Organizer and optimizer of production.
— Lecturer-teacher of design.
— Lecturer-teacher of calligraphy.
— Lecturer-teacher of composition.
— Photographer.
— Video operator.
and much more.

Friends, help me spread this information.

PS. I will consider options for moving to another country.