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Curriculum vitae

I am Designer, Poster artist, Printer, Publisher & Teacher.
Born in 1978 in Tallinn. Lived in Riga (1 year), St. Petersburg (1 year), Moscow (17 years), Hyvinkää (0,5 year).
+372 53636322 / / @dmitrimakonnen

— I get beautiful ideas quickly.
— I work successfully independently and have extensive team work experience.
— I pay attention to details and finish projects on time.
— I have the skills and experience of working in stressful situations.
— I have many years of experience working in magazines and newspapers.
— I can design a system (eg Figma).
— Big Data experience, charting
— Preparation of books (including annual reports).
— High knowledge of pre-press preparation.
— Work experience in a printing house. Offset printing, digital printing, screen printing.

I regularly participate in exhibitions, competitions and art projects.


1998-2001 — Tallinn College of Economics and Commerce
Estonia / Small and Medium Enterprise Manager (Unfinished) / Bachelor’s Degree
Haven’t finished for the last six months. (2001)

2003 — One-year internship as “Leading Designer”
Articul Media / Russia / Design, art design, graphic design, product design, pre-presentation

2005 — One-year internship in the specialty “Art Director”
Ostengruppe / Russia / Project management, script writing, concept and brand development, design, art design, graphic design, product design, pre-presentation

2015 — Tagir Safaev Font and School of Typography
Institute of Business and Design / Russia / Font designer

2015-2019 — National Design Institute (Russia, Higher Education)
Russia / Designer / B.Sc


10.2020-(now) IZO Kunstgruppe
Art director, creative director / Estonia /
Media / Creative economy / Translation. Working with the client. Branding, book and brochure design, font creation, user interface design.

09.2014 – 12.2019 (6 y, 2 m) HSE School of Design
Lecturer / Russia /
Education / Science. Design program training, additional courses.

09.2019 – 11.2019 (3 y) EKA Open Academy
Lecturers / Estonia /
Education / Science. Posters and infographics course.

10.2013 – 02.2018 (4 y. ja 5 m) RIA “Novosti”
Lead designer / Russia /
Media / Creative economy / Translation. Infographics, special tasks.

02.2011 – 03.2013 (2 y. ja 2 m) Publishing house “Kommersant”.
Illustrator / Russia /
Media / Creative economy / Translation. infographic artist.

09.2007 – 09.2009 (2 y. ja 1 m) Zavod BBDO
Art director / Estonia /
Marketing / Advertising / PR. AD, Design, layout.

06.2004 – 07.2006 (2 y. ja 2 m) Insight Polygraphic
Designer / Russia /
Marketing / Advertising / PR. Design, Pre-press, POS.

High level: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Lightroom, FontLab, Figma, Microsoft Powerpoint.
Average level: Adobe Premier, Adobe After Fx, Adobe Audition, Adobe XD, PitStop, QuarkXPress, Corel Draw.
Entry level: Blender, Adobe Dimension, Apple FinalCut, SketchUp.

— English — A2.
— Estonian — B2.
— Russian — native.

— None.

— Union of Graphic Designers of Estonia.
— Union of Designers of Russia.
— International Association “Union of Designers”.
— Creative Union of Decorative and Applied Arts Designers.

I draw a lot and come up with funny slogans for t-shirts. Sometimes I write poetry and music. I am interested in calligraphy and engraving in my spare time. I ride a bicycle. I am not indifferent to coffee. I do not smoke.